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How to pick the perfect computer for you

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

CPU, RAM, GPU, Storage drives...The sheer number of specifications and options to pick from when choosing your build can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you quickly decide on exactly what you should pick for your next PC build.

For Gaming PCs:

You'd want to start with the end-goal experience you want to have, and work backwards from there. Allow us to explain exactly what this means:

1) Start from the monitor

You'd want to consider what your eyes can actually perceive, what degree of accuracy your hands actually needs. Base the PC build on the former, and your PC peripherals on the later.

What your eyes can ultimately see depends on the specification of the monitor you're going to use. Your PC will be what's driving that same monitor. You wouldn't want to overspend on a super-powerful 4k high refresh rate monitor and not have enough budget to build a PC to actually utilize the monitor to it's fullest extend. Therefore, it's common practice to use the monitor as a starting point to plan your entire build.

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2) Start from the games you want to play

Think about the favorite games you'd like to play on the new PC. Is it a triple A title with insane graphics? Or indie games that are gameplay/story-driven? Not everyone needs the best hardware. As long as it works for the games you play, it's the perfect PC for you.

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3) Start from a budget

If you have no better idea or if you're shopping for friend or relative. It's often good to start with a rough budget. With every price point there are generally only a handful of builds that make sense. So even if you have no idea what your needs are, as long as you have a budget range, you'll be able to make the most of it.

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