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Enterprise Solutions

In IronClad we aim to provide top notch service for growing and established businesses in Hong Kong. We have a strong team of know-hows that can solve all your server, data or network related problems. Contact us via Email or fill in the contact form below so our staff can discuss details with you.

System building

IronClad is known for our top notch building quality as well as speedy delivery. You can entrust us in sourcing complete systems whether your need a server or a rendering powerhouse.

Machine maintainance

Computers are the lifeblood of many businesses. Our service team can perform regular maintainace for your money-making tools so you can focus on doing what's best for your business.

Network solutions

Our network experts are on call around the clock to provide you with mission-critical services such as remote support or on-site maintaince.

Data recovery

We understand that your data is important to you. Our team will perform data recovery for you upon request so you can get back important client information and sensitive data.

Technical support

We can provide quick and efficient remote assistance to you and your team so that small problems can be solved quickly without requiring a maintaince trap, saving precious time.

Software package

IronClad also provides wide range of enterprise software suites as well as support for these softwares.

What Our Clients Say


This is to thank you for being our savior from misery. If someone reads this in a year’s time please remember that right now the availability for processors and graphics cards is as low as never before. And this is going on for several months now. Graphics cards and top tear processors are sold at up to 5 times their MSRP – if at all.

As we needed three PC’s with Ryzen 9 5950X and one with Threadripper 3970X and all with RTX 3090 graphics cards for our 3D-Design team I was unsuccessfully trying to get those parts for a few months until I found IRONCLAD PC. What a lucky day that was!

You could deliver those four PC within a week at a very reasonable upcharge of which you deserved every penny! I especially appreciate your good consultation when it came to the details in parts to be used. A huge advantage you have over Sunday builders like me. I am happy that I listened to you as you have a sound experience from building a lot of systems.

The workmanship of the PC’s is perfect to the last detail (even I never mentioned you provided supports for the graphics cards). The cable management in the PC’s is impeccable! One can see that you put a lot of heart and love to the detail in your builds!
If everything goes as we plan our 3D-design department will steadily grow. One thing is for sure: The future PC’s we need in this area will come from IronClad PC!

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