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What is custom PC?

Options for PC shopping

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PC assemblers

-Physical store based or online based.

-Most popular form of PC purchase in Hong Kong

-Quick build times.

-User have to return faulty parts to suppliers themselves. (Some shops do perform RMA in customer's stead)

-Competitive pricing.

-Minimal before and aftersales service

-Decent knowledge of computer is required to make a good purchase.

-Limited by what is in stock/suppler's parts choice.


Aftersales Service

Price to Performance

Build Quality

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Custom PC

(System Integrator)

-Mostly Online based.

-Most popular form of PC purchase in the Western World.

-Medium build times.

-All in one service and repair - user only have to deal with one vendor.

-No computer knowledge is required to make a good purchase.

-Not restricted by stock/supplier. Free to pick the best parts in the market.

-Extensive aftersales service. Quick response time.


Aftersales Service

Price to Performance

Build Quality

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OEM Brands

-Mostly physical store based.

-Used to be popular in most part of the world.

-Very slow delivery time (21 days upward)

-All in one service and repair with to door service.

-Part selection is influenced by stock and availability. Very easy to end up with outdated/unbalanced build if one doesn't have computer knowledge.

-Aftersale support may be hard to access/slow to respond.


Aftersales Service

Price to Performance

Build Quality

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What's so special?

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Parts selection

We understand that you don't have time to crawl throught 15 million hours of YouTube videos just to find out which model of motherboard is the best.


In IronClad, all that work has been done for you. We research and review our parts list on a daily basis and make sure you get the best out of your money.


Other shops may be inclined to guide you to select certain parts because they have excessive stock, or they simply want to sell the product with a higher margin.


In IronClad, we make a point to keep stock at a minimal. So we can always pick the best performing, most durable parts for you.

Call Center Employee
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Service Quality

When it comes to service, we don't just give you the run-of-the-mill corporate call center sevice.


Each question is treated wtih utmost urgency. No issue is too petty for us to address. Our commitment is that every one of our PCs runs perfectly without problem.


Given the complexity of computer circuitry and software, it is very hard to avoid issues in the first place. We recognize what's important: Having accessable support when you need it.


In IronClad we offer 18 hours online support and a centralized repair & service model. Never do you have to deal with individual suppliers for repair again. almost 95% of all our repair cases have a same-day turnaround time.

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Assembly & Testing

Building PC is so much more than putting all the parts together. When it comes to assembly, we in IronClad have it down to almost an art form.


Meticulous doesnt' even describe the level of care we put into our builds. While other PC assemblers may take 45 minutes to finish up a machine, we spend up to 8 hours on a single machine.


From every screw and nuts, to every strand of cables. We make sure even the parts that never saw daylight will have the utmost attention.


Isolated testing of CPU, RAM module, storage drive and GPU ensure all thermals are on point and minimal rate of error when it arrives at your door.

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Is this for you?


If you...

  • are a busy person and don't have time to research every single parts...

  • struggle to understand what all the specification and number means...

  • are not confident enough to tinker with your computer should something break...


  • doesn't want to worry about the techy stuff and just want to play some games/ do work...

  • want support to be there the moment your computer breaks down...

  • hate dealing with a million different distributors when a part stops working...


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is perfect for you

Head over to

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and pick your perfect build!

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