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Learn and Play

The Perfect place to learn about PC building


We've decided

to put together a class to promote STEM interest and skills in Hong Kong's youths. In this class, participants will learn everything there is from picking parts, building a computer, all the way to repairing one all by themselves. If you or your kids are interested in learning about the wonderful world of DIY PC, there is no better place.

Join us in this full day Drydock® class on everything related to PC building. You can either:

- Just take the Drydock® class with our provided parts

- Take the class with our IronClad Cutter, a basic PC with afforable price yet robust function. Build it on the spot and take it home with you.

- Take the class along with any IronClad Forge pre-built PC models. We will let you build your own PC with our staff's guidance and quality assurance.

Learn to build a PC
From start to finish

You will learn...


The different types of computer components, their functions. How these parts work toether. The difference between brands and models. How to read specifications.


How to pick the right parts for your build and how different parts balance with each others. Learn about the differences between models of the same type of components


How to connect and install all the components. How to setup and operating system, perform tests to make sure it is working properly


How to regularly check and clean computer components to ensure optimal performance. How to perform simple troubleshooting

Step 1

Pick a class plan from the list below

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Step 2

Schedule a class session

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Step 3

Make payment on IronClad Forge

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Class plans

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