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Under 6 Liter
Discrete GPU
No compromise

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Full Force

Unlike most mini PCs on the market, the Corvette uses full power and performance desktop grade parts.

Compare to a tower PC with the same specification, you get exactly the same performance. No compromise needs to be made on behalf of it's extreme size.


Size is Power

Size is our biggest advantage. With a volume of less than 6 liters, the Corvette can easily fit in your back pack, or the corner of your desk.

Whether you travel frequently or just like to stay in one place, the truly tiny size of the Corvette will surely save you a lot of valuable space.


Stay Cool
Stay Quiet

Direct side intake for both CPU and GPU allows for maximum cooling efficiency. Dual top 9015 fans exhasut hot air directly out through the top. The Corvette cools as well as if not better than similar sized full tower PC, allowing for full utilization of parts and even overclocking potential.

All fans are configurated to run as quiet as possible resulting in a near silent idle noise level and a barely audible full load noise ceiling.


Look is key

Custom solid maple panel sourced and hand picked for best tone and grain balance.

Laser engraved topped by hand-rubbed laquer finish.

The Corvette aims to fit your interior design seemlessly.

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As small as the Corvette is, input/output is not something it lacks.

With 5 USB Type-A port and 2 USB Type-C port, up to 4 display outputs (throught HDMI & DP). You can expect to hook up all the gears in your usual arsenal without a care.

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