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Service Hotline:

Hong Kong: +852 31000076

United States: +1 559 942 8298

For support, please contact us on Whatsapp +852 31000076 via this link: (Most responsive)

Here are some

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering Process

How do I place an order?

Visit our IronClad Forge page, click on any product, it will take you to a product page where you can select the specifications you want and place an order.

Alternatively, you can skip the website entirely and contact our customer service number via WhatsApp, and place the order with one of our representatives.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We take payments via FPS transfer, regular bank transfer, HSBC Payme, Alipay, and Cash payment in our store. Alternatively, we also accept credit card through Shop pay. We will not charge any fees for the price listed on our website

Can I request for a refund? And how will it work?

Because we believe in freedom in product selection, IronClad as a rule does not keep stock on our own, and we only order parts after we have received your payment. 

If by chance you decide to cancel the order after some of parts have already been ordered, we will give you the actual parts bought, and refund the total payment minus the retail price of the said parts and a 20% handling fee of the total order amount.  --That is the rule anyway. Realistically any refund will be handled on a case-by-case basis with both parties' interests in mind. We are more inclined to favor the customer in a case of less than satisfactory experiences.


What options for delivery are available?

For Hong Kong customers: alI IronClad PC sets come with free delivery. All deliveries are directly to door.


1) buildings without elevators maybe incurr additional charge as per our transport contractor's quote.

2) Restricted area including but not limited to New Territory villages and border area. (Delivery to edge of these areas are possible)

3) All island locations. (Delivery to closest pier is possible)

For Macau customers, we will ship via SF express (Paid by receiver)

For United States customers: Shipping will be via Fedex international express (arrives within 7 days of shipping). PC will be shipped within 10 days of order

For Colombian customers: Shipping will be via Fedex international express (arrives within 7 days of shipping). PC will be shipped within 10 days of order

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It usually takes around 7~10 working days for us to complete your order for regular machines. In times of high order amount, this number might increase to 14 days.

For more premium machines with high level of customization, allow us 10 to 14 working days to complete, as some obscure parts might take longer to arrive.

For Hong Kong customers: Your order will arrive the same day we ship.

For United States customers: Your order will arrive within 14 days of shipping.

What time of the day will my order arrive?

Hong Kong customers: By default, all orders will arrive between 7pm to 11pm the same day as shipped. In case you need special arrangement or arrival time other then these hours, you are free to contact our customer support representative to arrange it for no additional fees.

United States, Colombian customers: You can arrange arrival time with Fedex once they contact you.

Can I get my order sooner?

Ask us! We're more than happy to provide expedite delivery without additional fees. Provided that we are within capacity, we're happy to speed up your build. Providing additional reasons definitely helps (e.g. Before my son's birthday, catching a flight and so on).

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After sales service

How long in the warranty period?

All IronClad machines come with 1 to 3 year limited warranty which covers product defects and problems due to natural wear and tear. The warranty does NOT cover damages due to user error including: tinkering with BIOS setting, changing CPU/RAM voltage, physical tempering with any part of the machine (With the exception that it is under the guidance of our techinians), physical damages to the case or glass of the case.

Additionally you can find the location-sepecfic detailed warranty information under each product page.

What should I do if my computer runs into problem?

Find us immediately on WhatsApp, one of our customer service representative will usually respond very quickly. Even in odd hours. We understand and value PC as an important aspect of you life. Therefore we seek to provide assistants as soon as we can.

​How is repair handled?

If your PC runs into problem, we will assist you remotely the best we can, and attempt to solve it (if it turns out to be a software problem, or simple hardware problem such as loosened plugs). 

If remote assistance doesn't work, chances are some hardware might be defective. Please understand that defective hardware happens to every brand and every price point, even if the manufacturer has perfect QC.


For Hong Kong customers, if hardware problem appears in the first 30 days after delivery, we will either send a techinician to fix it for you, or arrange two-way shipping and repair it in our workshop. After 30 days, you will need to return the machine to our shop so that we can diagnose the problem and replace any faulty parts. We will do our best to get the parts ready before you return the machine, and strive to repair it at the same day. However this option is not always available (E.g. parts that are out of production). In that case, standard RMA time may range from 7 to 30 days.

For US customers, we cover shipping for the first 60 days after you received the PC. After 60 days you can send the PC to our service center in US. Repair will usually be completed within 7 days and shipped right back to you. In case there's hard-to-replace parts, standard RMA time may range from 14 to 60 days. 

Can you help me upgrade my computer after a while?

We'd be happy to. In IronClad we want to promote the fun in owning a PC machine that they are totally user serviceable and upgradable. Just hit us up if you want to upgrade your IronClad machine and we'll be happy to give you suggestions and order the parts for you. If you feel like doing it yourself, we can even offer technical guidance for you.


Don't feel obliged to buy parts from us for your upgrades though. We encourage you to find the best deal on the market to do your own upgrades!

Have any other questions?

We're happy to help 
Just find us on WhatsApp!

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